AppWrap ERP optimization team Consists of CPAs
& Business process experts

About AppWrap

Our ERP optimization team consists of CPAs and business process experts with real life business experience and deep knowledge in ERP Systems​. They are augmented by our technology experts who provide development and integration support. This allows us to think of practical solutions that would allow the process to scale while being nimble to modification.

We work mostly with startups and growth companies. This allows us an opportunity to constantly challenge the status quo as the need to be nimble and scalable are Paramount to our customers.

We started the company with a motto that sounds very selfish. Self satisfaction. When most of our conscious time is spent at work, shouldn’t it be satisfying?  So, we chose our target market carefully to include clients who have ever changing complex needs and projects that are really challenging and frustrating. To us, the exhilaration of cracking a complex issue and solving it cleanly makes our day.