Free NetSuite Bundle: Monitor Scripts and Integrations

A common growing pain we noticed among NetSuite customers is that scripts and integrations were not regularly monitored. Scripts usually fail because of changes in the business process, resulting in new scenarios. Integrations fail because systems are out of sync and can’t communicate properly, such as a GL Account changed in NetSuite but not reflected in your procurement system.

We recommend proactively monitoring scripts and integrations to prevent broken scripts from snowballing into much bigger problems that could blow up.

The good news is that you can do this easily by installing our free NetSuite bundle for monitoring scripts and integrations.

We created this NetSuite bundle for our clients, but we decided it’s something we wanted everyone to have access to. We’re doing this because we believe in democratizing big company resources by providing NetSuite solutions that companies of any size can utilize.

Install our free NetSuite bundle and you will receive our top three saved searches for monitoring broken scripts and integrations:

Once installed, modify these saved searches as needed: set your lookback period, change the name, add email recipients, and set an email schedule.

If manually monitoring for failed scripts and integrations feels like one more thing that you don’t have time to do, we recommend using MineSweep. We created MineSweep to proactively run hundreds of pre-built saved searches like these on your behalf (or probes, as we like to call them), notifying you only when there’s an issue. MineSweep helps you nullify these landmines before they blow up. Added features such as drill-down capabilities, assigning tasks, logging comments and exceptions in NetSuite make managing and collaborating on these issues even easier.

How to install our free NetSuite bundle
Log in to NetSuite as an administrator and go to Customization >> SuiteBundler >> Search & Install Bundles. Search for the keywords “AppWrap Monitor” or “380562” (the bundle ID number), click on the bundle and click Install. If you run into any issues, please contact us here for assistance. Please note that the bundle is provided As-Is.

? Script Pro Tip: Prevent unnoticed “unhandled errors” by notifying all admins

We have seen many NetSuite users set their scripts to notify the script owner when an unhandled error occurs. This is a dangerous practice because the script owner may no longer be with the company, which allows the error to go unnoticed. This can also be problematic if the script owner is not the appropriate person to monitor these errors.

We strongly recommend that all scripts be set to Notify All Admins. When enabled, NetSuite sends an email notification to all users with an Administrator role, preventing unhandled script errors from getting lost or going unnoticed.

NetSuite is complicated – We make it simple

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